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Eating Disorder

Eating Disorder Therapy at Los Altos Psychotherapy

At Los Altos Psychotherapy we specialize in treating eating disorders. We understand the deep impact an eating disorder can have on your physical and emotional well-being, as well as on your relationships with those around you. Our treatment team of skilled therapists are here to guide you on a path to recovery using a relational method of treatment. Our past patients include long-term eating disorder sufferers as well individuals who have just completed residential or outpatient treatment. Throughout, we look beyond the eating disorder to see you.

Understanding Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are a complex mental health condition that can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, or background. They often involve intense emotions concerning self-perception and self-worth. Deep within, you might experience feelings of being unwanted, unlovable, or inadequate. These emotions can give rise to an intense internal critic, denying personal needs and fostering immense shame. This often manifests in attitudes and behaviors concerning food, body weight, and appearance.

Beyond the surface, eating disorders are not just about food. They represent a coping mechanism, a defense against intense and unwanted feelings. Through our work, we aim to uncover what led up to this coping mechanism and develop healthier ways to respond.


Types of Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

Common eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, AFRID, and binge-eating disorder. Each presents unique challenges, and all can have serious health consequences if left untreated. Seeking treatment for eating disorders from a mental health professional is essential.

You may also be questioning if you have an eating disorder. Many eating disorder sufferers are experts at maintaining the external appearance of everything being ok. That’s okay too, we can help you figure out what will help you most.

Common Eating Disorders

Our Approach to Eating Disorder Treatment

Los Altos Psychotherapy uses a relational approach to treating eating disorders. In contrast with methods like CBT or DBT that focus on the symptoms of eating disorders, our approach places a strong emphasis on the therapeutic relationship. We firmly believe that by comprehending and exploring your relationships with yourself, your therapist, and others, you can discover healing and lasting change. It’s a personalized, nuanced approach that prioritizes your unique needs and experiences.

During our sessions, we’ll be listening and observing how you engage in therapy. Do you feel anxious or reluctant? Do you only share positive stories or remain silent? We’ll explore your relationships, the patterns you follow, and how past experiences have influenced the development of the eating disorder. Our goal is to reframe, both in words and through the therapeutic experience, the intense emotions that keep you trapped in the eating disorder and in life.

Do I have to want recovery?

Let’s be candid. At Los Altos Psychotherapy, we advocate for recovery. However, we don’t expect you to embrace recovery wholeheartedly upon arrival. We understand that your eating disorder has been a constant companion and leaving it behind isn’t an easy task. If it were, you wouldn’t be seeking our help.

Why Choose Los Altos Psychotherapy?

It doesn’t matter if you found us through a referral from a happy client or a Google search like Los Altos eating disorder therapy or eating disorder therapy near me. The important thing is that you found us.


Start your journey towards recovery today. Contact Los Altos Psychotherapy at (650) 665-9607 or email us at to schedule a free consultation. You don’t have to face this alone – we’re here to help you get your eating disorder under control.

FAQ's for Eating Disorders Treatment

At Los Altos Psychotherapy, we understand that every individual is unique, as are their struggles with eating disorders. And that successful treatment of eating disorders requires focusing on treating the person as a whole, not just the symptoms of eating disorders. Our approach is personalized, taking into account your unique experiences, challenges, and goals.

At Los Altos Psychotherapy, we believe in providing a holistic approach to treatment. This includes utilizing a variety of innovative therapies tailored to meet your individual needs. Each eating disorder treatment plan is unique, based on the client’s specific eating disorder and eating pathology, and designed to provide the most effective path to recovery, using evidence-based strategies that extend beyond traditional methods.

Yes, it can. We know dealing with an eating disorder, along with any co-occurring disorders, can be overwhelming. But you’re not alone. We’re here to help guide you through this tough time and onto the path of recovery.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to treating mental disorders. We take the time to understand your unique situation and tailor our treatment plan to meet your specific needs. We aim to help you live a healthier, happier life, not just treat a condition.

We offer a variety of resources to support your recovery process. Depending on your specific eating disorder, your treatment may include individual and group therapy sessions, mindfulness practices, nutrition education, information on support groups, and wellness strategies. We’re here to help you learn skills to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and to support you every step of the way.