About Us

Los Altos Psychotherapy is a group practice for marriage and family therapy based in Los Altos, California that works with clients to change lives together. We support teens, families, and adults facing a wide range of personal and family challenges such as depression, anxiety, and young adult support. The practice has a particular focus on difficult to resolve issues like trauma, eating disorders, and teens in crisis. Through empathetic understanding and caring engagement the goal is to help people achieve lasting positive changes in their lives and relationships.

Our Approach

Los Altos Psychotherapy takes a relational, analytic approach to the therapeutic process. The focus in on uncovering, confronting, and resolving underlying causes as the best way to achieve lasting positive change rather than just temporary fixes. This is a balanced along the way with practical behavioral skills to get moving and keep moving forward.

Our Story

The practice has its origins in 2014 when owner Tracy Greene began her work as a therapist. Tracy found herself working with clients who had struggled with the same issues for many years without finding resolution or any sense of real progress. More difficult issues had often just been avoided due to a lack of a supportive resource who could help. This is the gap Tracy worked with her clients to fill. A global pandemic and events of the last few years magnified both the need for this deeper level of support and the lack of available services, particularly for adolescents. In response, Tracy opened Los Altos Psychotherapy in 2021.